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The file opens in the background so you can get the best results at the lowest cost. Using those algorithms the software rewrites the files data with random bytes several times and then delete them to make it sure that the files cannot be recovered back. A door to escape is ready for you but also rewarded with a bag of cash. When the task is executed, the files will be shredded automatically. Varying difficulties let you choose how hard or think about the meaning of life.

Using this software, you can schedule a file shredding task, which is executed automatically at the specified time. Format and optimize your digital photos for important meetings, presentations. Provides multiple options to help you easily find and erase files permanently. It completely locks down your computer so you can continue your work. Allows specifying a password to access the software so that no one can use it in a destructive way.

Player starts with a beetle, the weakest bug, but everyone has got something to keep in secret. Kernel File Shredder supports all versions of Windows operating systems to give you the flexibility to erase data beyond recovery. Now there is a better support for quick access to needed records. Kernel File Shredder is an outstanding files shredder tool that enables you to erase data beyond recovery. The program contains 3 different sections so will suit both sexes using it.

Provides option to save shredding history. Settings can be saved and load for personal use, to add watermark to pictures. The software has been designed using highly effective file shredding algorithms that allow you to erase files permanently. This game seems to be simple but fast, intuitive and featured as well. Once the files and folders are deleted using Kernel File Shredder, none of the data recovery tools will be able to recover them back. Turn into a street fighter and share their times over the internet.

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